The Increasing Rate of Drug Abuse In Nigeria.

The Effects and Remedies by Eyitayo Oyepitan.

There has been no day without the different agency of government saddled with the responsibilities of regulating the movement and abuse of different chemical substances across Nigeria does not arrest offenders in connection with drug trafficking, addiction and abuse. The NDLEA have made series of breakthrough arrests at the airports in the recent times especially since the current Chairman of NDLEA assumed office.

The effects of drug trafficking and abuse cannot be overemphasized with great negative impacts on the country’s security,the lives of the youths,health system and on the economy at large. Governments across the globe devised different punishments for drug traffickers, dealers and those living on banned drug substances. These laws were put together to regulate the movement and the illicit drug usage.

There are different penalties for the different sections of the law violated by offenders. Every section violated attracts different penalties ranging from smuggling, aiding and abetting, conspiracies and illegal use of drugs believed to contain banned substances such as cocaine, hemp and Tramadol etc. The penalties can be short and long imprisonment, fines and depending on the gravity and magnitude of the offences and the level of involvement.

Banned substances contain chemical compounds that affect the mind (psychological) and body (physiological). In simple term, indulging in drugs use can affect thinking process and action by limiting the capacity to judge correctly, drug use can also affect the body especially the visible parts like the mouth, lips, teeth,fingers etc.
The different drugs being abused contain different toxic and harmful chemical substances which can interfere with the normal working mechanisms of the body, rendering it ineffective , and even completely destroying it.

Drug abuse is not limited to the indiscriminate intake of banned substances alone,self-medication or over reliance on certain medications can also be termed drug abuse. When a particular drug has been tested and proven by law to be too toxic for the good of the people and society, then restriction is on such, anyone caught importing, selling,distributing and or consuming such has gone against the law. It is worthy of note that going against the law is an abuse of that law and the substance in question.

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Abusing drugs can have short and long time effects on the body. The short time effects can include change in appetite, loss of coordination, increased heart rate etc. While the long term effects are cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, liver and kidney infections etc. Drugs can affect a person’s life beyond their physical health.They have the tendency to destroy the family setting and also hinder a person from progressing in their career.Drugs either slow down, speed up and or completely destroy important internal systems which usually result in slow painful death.Some drugs cause the users to behave in an uncontrollable way,thereby causing serious injuries to the body.

Drug abuse leaves noticeable effects in the body of those into abuse of banned substances which include,noticeable changes in appearance, difficulty maintaining personal hygiene, inability to do away with the substance being abused with ease, withdrawal from formerly enjoyable activities. Others include hallucinations, paranoia, depression and anxiety etc.

Strong and effective legislation against the use of banned drug substances will help put everyone in the trading and consumption chain on their toes. Aggressive information dissemination and sensitization, advocacy programs will help the society and younger children most importantly to be better informed about the adverse effects of drug trafficking, addiction and abuse. Without fear or favour, violators should be made to face the law according to the gravity of their offences.

Parents, guardians and government must live to their responsibilities at all times if the war against the illicit use of drug will be won.
Eyitayo Oyepitan writes from Idobilayo on the occasion of International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking on Sunday ,June 26,2022

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