Amazing Places to visit in Ibadan

1.  Agodi garden

 Agodi Gardens, which were established in 1967, were formerly known as Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The Ogunpa flood catastrophe in 1980 destroyed the garden because the majority of the animals were carried off by the raging water. The Agodi Gardens were rebuilt in 2014 after the Oyo State Government renovated the park in 2012. It Is a popular recreational and eventful location that also serves forestry purposes, occupying over 13 acres of land. This garden’s recent upgrade adds more flavor to come because it offers a variety of recreational pleasures, including a botanical garden with particularly attractive flowers, trees, and shrubs, a mini zoo, and a swimming pool. Agodi Gardens is a fun location to visit because it has a lake where you can go boating.


IITA’s forest was once part of much larger forests in southwestern Nigeria, but it is now the best protected and only urban forest in the area, surrounded by the city of Ibadan. This makes it a biodiversity hotspot and a haven for once-common species. Over 450 plant species, 272 birds, 236 butterflies, 48 mammals, and 28 snakes and amphibians have been identified, with many more yet to be discovered. Among these species are some that are in rapid decline and if not well protected may be threatened with extinction. They include the Forest Unit’s Flagship Species: Ibadan malimbe (bird), tree pangolin (mammal), iroko (tree), and the “P.g. plant” which produces the largest flower in Africa. Many of the plants have medicinal and other traditional uses that make them important to the Yoruba people. A wide range of medicinal herbs, spices, and local vegetables are grown in the Forest Unit’s Botanic Nursery and Ethnobotanical Garden. The Forest Reserve is a crucial resource for environmental education, scientific study, and training. The Forest Unit hosts workshops on various subjects, such as beekeeping and tree propagation, welcomes school groups and students on field trips, and leads visitors on guided walks along the forest paths that wind through the Forest Reserve for more than 4 km (2.5 miles). Bird observers frequently travel to IITA Ibadan, which is also the location of the Ibadan Bird Club, one of many bird-related events run by the Forest Unit’s Ornithological Monitoring Project. This reserve covers 360 hectares of land of the 1000 hectares owned by the International Institutes of Tropical Agriculture, it features numerous varieties of exotic plants that awe its visitors, also has a hotel on its premises, and is characterized by sporting and recreational facilities like the football pitch, the 9-holes golf course, a swimming pool and lawn tennis court. The arrays of trees planted strategically in the reserve make touring more refreshing. It also chattels a lake.

3.  UI zoo

To support zoology department teaching and study, the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden, formerly known as the Menagerie, was established in 1948. Over time, the number and variety of animals in the collection increased, and in 1974, the Menagerie officially became a zoo. It draws a sizable number of tourists from all over the world each year. Like most modern zoos, the University of Ibadan Zoo displays wild animals primarily for the conservation of endangered species, as well as for study and education, and thus for the enjoyment of visitors. AA’s wide variety of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, call the area home. One of the oldest tourist attractions in Nigeria dating from 1948, despite its long years of existence it does not quite excite its tourists especially the first timer, the variety of animals found in this zoo makes it a unique identity as the zoo with the most diverse type of animals in Nigeria with monkeys of different species, birds of numerous types, reptiles like snakes, crocodile, and others. Mammals like gorillas, horses, camels, hyenas, warthogs, foxes, giraffes, and lions among others are sights catching animals in this zoo.

4.  Oke-Ado Mountain

Located in the outskirts of Ibadan is a rare attraction in Ado-Awaye with a mysterious suspended lake on it, the iyake Lake which is the only suspended lake in Africa. That’s great!!! I guess, There are two suspended lakes in the wild. The hanging lake of Colorado, USA. And the lake in Oke Ado mountains. At the top of the mountain, one gets a fantastic view of Ado awaye. And the city of Ibadan with the use of binoculars according to Naijatreks. On this mountain, you can see a mysterious tree root in the shape of an elephant. Oke ado Mountain is a place with different tourists attractions

5.  Mapo Hall

As Badagry serves the purpose of enslavement, the Mapo Hall and its surroundings serve as authentic documentation of the historical facts of colonialism. Aside from the political significance of the building, which now serves as the local government of Oyo State, the cultural legacy was visible as market vendors held meetings, politicians conducted business inside, and couples were married and divorced in the court.  It was impossible to ignore the bustle of the market’s everyday operations. Funny enough, the hall is still waiting for visitors to hear the stories that have been forgotten but still need to be recounted.  Is a colonial architecturally unique edifice situated in the gorgeous Mapo hills, rendering it a famous destination to get a clear view of the old beere district and beyond, sending a clear impulse of the ancient root of the city? A mini museum is in this hall that exhibits relics of chains used to hold the tax evaders during the colonial era. Mapo Hall is not just a hall!!

6.  National Museum of Unity, Ibadan

In 1973, a plan to build a national museum in Idaban was put forth. The museum was established to house Nigerian traditional artifacts. Under the direction of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, the museum opened its doors in 2002. The museum hosted Monument Day in 2014, with an emphasis on the state of monuments in Nigeria. The museum and OBAS collaborated on a cultural show in December 2017. To encourage tourism in Oyo State, the museum opened a new exhibition center in 2018. This exhibition included artifacts like a Yoruba Shigidi figurine, a Mumuye head mask, an Ekoi headdress, a Benin Rooster Bronze, and Edo Metal Bells. The museum was created to store cultural artifacts from Nigeria. The museum was inaugurated in 2002 under the supervision of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments. In 2014, Monument Day was organized at the museum with a focus on the condition of monuments in Nigeria. In December 2017, the museum made a collaboration with OBAS for a cultural exhibition. In 2018, the museum opened a new exhibition center to promote tourism in Oyo State, this exhibition featured artifacts such as a Yoruba Shigidi figurine, Mumuye head mask, Ekoi Head Dress,[c] Benin Rooster Bronze and Edo Metal Bells. You can visit this museum for sightseeing as it showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria, there is a mind-boggling and fascinating collection of objects and galleries which keep the past intact and stimulating. The museum is divided into four galleries namely the unity gallery, the masquerade gallery, the Pottery, and the Yoruba Gallery each with its unique content, the annual records of tourists in the recent report were more than 13,000. It is worth visiting.

7.  Fun factory

This recreational spot is popular for its receptive atmosphere, it’s a good place to enjoy and has good times with your kids, and your kid’s brother and enjoy a family vacation in general. Fun Factory is simply a nice spot to hang out with your loved ones.

8.  Ibadan Cultural Center

Located on the Mokola Hills, one of Ibadan’s seven hills. Since this is Nigeria’s first cultural center, it features a staggering amount of theater and creative creations, making it a highly explorable place. The standing and architectural style of this building can satiate visitors’ curiosity without allowing them to go inside.

9.  Ventura Mall

There is a lot to do in this apart from shopping, visitors could play arcade video games, watch a film in the cinema, enjoy local and international cuisines, engage in sporting activities like bowling, jumping castle and other kinds of leisure, it’s a popular destination for family fun as it offers diverse leisure for visitors to engage in out of preference.

10.  Trans- wonderland park

Construction on the park started in August 1988 after Colonel Sasaenia Adedeji Oresanya, the subsequent military Governor, provided financial assistance. The Trans Wonderland project was started in 1987 by Colonel Adetunji Olurin, the then-current military governor. On November 29, 1989, the park officially opened to the public. Some people refer to Trans Wonderland as Nigeria’s Disney World. Roller coasters, electronic bumper cars, panoramic wheels, ferries wheels, merry-go-round horses, a space station, floating chain chairs, dragon boats, unusual basket circles, and many other attractions are among the available attractions. Today, however, the park is a shell of what it once was because many of these attractions have deteriorated and are no longer functional as a result of maintenance problems. The park is still a well-liked recreation location in Ibadan despite this. It covers 67 acres of land with thrilling attractions. Events also hold in the park based on its receptive atmosphere.

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