Things you can do for fun while on holiday in Nigeria

Welcome to Nigeria, a nation rich in tradition, culture, and scenic natural beauty. There are many enjoyable activities to do while on vacation in Nigeria, whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned tourist.

Nigeria provides a distinctive and thrilling travel experience, from discovering the busy cities to being immersed in the local customs. This article will discuss some of the best pastimes you may partake in while on vacation in Nigeria.

Let’s dive in. The top 10 are as follows:

Visit Ikogosi Warm Springs

Ikogosi Warm Springs in Ekiti State is one of nature’s most amazing wonders on the planet. The warm spring flows down a hill next to the cold spring, where they unite and continue their journey into a river.

Visitors are captivated by stories about the healing abilities that can be obtained by swimming in spring water. The fact that the temperatures in both springs come from the same source continues to amaze scientists and tourists alike.

There is also a resort at Ikogosi Warm Springs, which is surrounded by deep, magnificent greenery.

The Beach of Ibeno at your Service

Ibeno Beach, popularly regarded as Africa’s longest sand beach, offers an incredible vista of crystal clear waters and a lovely sandy coastline reaching 30 kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean. The beach in Eket is considered one of the oldest in Nigeria and West Africa.

Ibeno Beach is a magnificent work of nature, offering a lovely blend of pristine white sand, grand oceans, blue skies, and an array of trees casting gorgeous shadows on the coastline. Aside from being the longest sand beach, the sands at Ibeno Beach have not receded with the shifting tides over the years.

The waves from the Atlantic Ocean have little effect on the lovely white dunes. At low tide, the waters can withdraw up to 100 meters from the beach and reach an incredible elevation of 30 meters above sea level before striking the beach. Also soothing are the sounds of seagulls and the tremendous splash of waves.

This magnificent scenery ranks it as the best beach in the country. Ibeno Beach, a tourist destination, is the ideal vacation spot for relaxing and immersing yourself in wonderful nature. The sound of the rising and falling waves is restorative to the years, and a pleasant stroll down the sandy shore is good medicine.

The canopy of palm palms along the sandy shore is ideal for picnics because you can enjoy the relaxing sea air away from the burning hands of the sun.

Check out Bukas, Stand Snacks, and Joints

Bukas (also called mama put) is the greatest way to experience authentic Nigerian meals the native way. Bukas do not disappoint, from the famed jollof rice and a wide variety of other carefully prepared rice to swallows and soups from every region of the country, to delightful local treats like moi moi (bean cakes).

These neighborhood cafeterias are distinct in terms of their design, the types of food they provide, and, most importantly, how the food tastes. Small shacks with curtains in their doors and wooden benches should be avoided. The majority of them have large steel cooking pots out front, emitting tantalizing fragrances.

Others are located in more modern structures but retain some local feel. Certain areas in some states (such as Surulere and Lagos Island in Bagos, Bodija, and Ibadan in Oyo) are renowned for having large concentrations of bukas, so just ask a local for the best ones to visit.

Revel in Art

In Nigeria, art galleries and exhibitions provide some of the most meaningful experiences that any visitor to the nation may have. Nigerian galleries blend visual perfection with a profound understanding of the importance of these artistic endeavors.

Rows and rows of artworks by established Nigerian and African artists like Bruce Onobrakpeya and Ben Enwonwu, as well as those by emerging artists, may be found on exhibit at renowned galleries like Nike Art Centre, Omenka, and Hourglass.

If you don’t feel comfortable strolling into an art gallery, or if expensive artworks aren’t your thing, you can always find some street art that you like. Simply keep an eye out when exploring the cities.

Enjoy The Resorts

The Obudu Mountain Resort, La Campagne Tropicana, and Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort are three of Nigeria’s greatest resorts. These resorts offer wonderful encounters with grassroots Nigerian culture (tradition, arts, and languages), breathtaking scenery, and incredible local and foreign food, in addition to everything you’d expect from a modern resort. ‘

All three resorts also provide breathtaking vistas of nature, as well as the emotional and physical benefits of being so near to it.

Visit The Museums

The museums in Nigeria include a wealth of historical information as well as some interesting works of art. Nigerian history is rich with key events such as colonial domination, independence, slavery, and civil war, and the museum collections reflect this.

Artifacts such as soapstone images discovered at Esie Igbomina, Kwara, Nok sculptures, and sophisticated artworks by early civilizations such as Benin and Ife can be seen.

While displays at museums like the Nigeria National Museum contain a wide spectrum of historical artifacts, some, like the Badagry Museum, focus on a single theme.

It’s Time for ‘Beauty and the Beach

Lagos, Nigeria is regarded as the “city of aquatic splendor,” owing to the various beaches, lakes, lagoons, and islands that can be found along its 853 km (or 530 miles) coastline.

Despite the city’s rush and bustle, the shore offers serenity and an opportunity to get away from it all. When you need a break from the city, the beaches provide a location to have fun, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the waves.

In recent years, the Lagos hospitality sector has seen an increase in investment, resulting in the opening of new private beaches, beach clubs, and resorts. These beaches frequently offer a variety of recreational activities and attract both residents and expatriates. Kitesurfing, beach soccer, and partying are now all possibilities.

Oniru Private Beach in Lagos is regarded as one of the best private beaches in Nigeria. The exciting surroundings and culinary delights under the stars add spice to your journey. It is popular among free-spirited minds, and the nightlife caters to all party animals. So show off your beachwear and those funky sunglasses and be the vivacious bird you are.

Go to Calabar Carnival

Calabar Carnival is an annual carnival that takes place in Cross River State, Nigeria. The carnival is held every December and was designated by the then-Governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke, as an annual activity to commemorate Christmas. He stated that his goal in launching the festival was to make Cross River a tourism and hospitality hub in Nigeria and Africa.

The event’s quality has improved with time, making it Nigeria’s largest carnival and an internationally recognized celebration. It used to be a month-long festival beginning on December 1st, but the current governor of the state, Benedict Ayade, cut it down to two weeks when he was elected.

The carnival has always been lively and colorful, with various competitions and large monetary awards awarded. All of these events are aimed at showcasing the beauty, cultural diversity, and hospitality of Nigeria.

Shop at the Traditional Markets

Every true traveler understands that the best shopping deals may be found at local markets. Fortunately for such visitors, Nigeria’s traditional markets provide a combination of amazing discounts, great products, adventure, and excitement.

Visitors can shop for nearly any type of item here, from food to home goods, whether at major markets like the Idumota Market in Lagos and the Kurmi Market in Kano, or smaller markets all around the country.

Even if you don’t need to buy anything, these are fantastic sites to window shop and observe the local merchants at work.

Take a Tour of the Ngwo Pine Forest

Ngwo Pine Forest Forest is located on Old Enugu-Onitsha Rd in Ngwo-Asaa, Nigeria. The beauty of the woodland is breathtaking. A dozen intriguing limestone caverns are a gift from God to the people of the region. Ngwo Pine Forest attracts both domestic and international visitors.

Due to the natural waterfall, a pool has formed at the base of the caves. Tourists visit to have fun and relax. Come here if you have a full schedule and are tired of doing much work. It will remove all of your stress and leave your body feeling tremendously light.

Ngwo Pine’s unique forest dynasty is a huge draw for visitors, romantically set by Mother Nature with sharp twists for adventure seekers, beautifully set pine trees and a gently flowing stream for lovers, and the loud splashing of the waters inside the dark cleft inside a cave would blow one’s imagination away.


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