Igbo Ora, The Twins Capital of Nigeria

Have you ever heard of Igbo-ora? A fantastic town where twin pregnancies are a norm. Are you curious why twins birth is so common in this area? Is it the weather, food, or just a weird coincidence? We will answer all your questions in this article, so hang around till the end.

Igbo-ora is a town located in the Oyo state, southwest Nigeria. It is about 80 km (50 km) north of Lagos. The town is known as the Twin Capital of Nigeria, and some will even argue it is the capital of twins in the world due to the extraordinarily high case of twin births.

Although multiple twin births are not limited to Igbo-Ora, there are also very high cases of twin birth in the Indian town of Kodinji and the Brazilian city of Cândido Godói; however, in Igbo-Ora; almost every household has a history of producing twins or multiples.

How many twins are there in Igbo-Ora?

According to Research carried out from 1972 to 1982 by a British gynecologist Patrick Nylander, the Southwest of Nigeria had an average of 45 to 50 sets of twins per 1,000 births, with Igbo-Ora having nearly 30 sets.

Why does Igbo-Ora have so many twins?

Research has indicated that the region’s women’s eating patterns may be connected to the numerous births in Igbo-Ora. Despite the lack of evidence linking dietary intake to twin pregnancies, a study conducted at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital hypothesized that a chemical present in Igbo-Ora women and the peelings of a popular tuber (yams) may be the cause.

Nearly every home in Igbo-Ora has a history of having twins or multiple other babies. Some have linked this to a meal called Amala and Ilasa, which combines yam powder (agenda) with okra leaf soup. Yams contain gonadotropins, a hormone that helps women create numerous eggs.

The town King is delighted by the natural endowment, which is highly uncommon worldwide. He asserts that numerous researchers are still working to solve the puzzle of the numerous twin births in Igbo-Ora, adding that the town’s atmosphere or its residents’ diets may cause the birth of so many twins.

Which tribe has the highest rate of twins?

Yoruba are said to have the highest number of twins in Nigeria. Twin pregnancies are frequently welcomed and viewed as a sign of abundance in Yoruba land. The Ruler of the Igno-ora from 19 November 1970 to 22 April 2022, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111, said during an interview that “there was a particular Alaafin of Oyo, Alaafin Oluaso, whose seven wives gave birth male twins who in turn gave birth to 54 children and that Alaafin built a palace for all of them.”

The king claims that Yoruba twins are a unique gift from God because they are signs of good things to come and have qualities that other towns lack. The Alaafin said, “Twins are unique creations that are highly important, and we Yorubas also regard them in high esteem.”

The World Twins Festival

Here comes the exciting part. Everyone likes a good reason to celebrate, and what is a better reason than the celebration of an unregular birth concentrated in a particular region? This festival was created to celebrate twins worldwide and began in Igbo-Ora town. The world twins festival began ten years ago and was first referred to as the Naija Twins Festival but was recently rebranded for international participation. The festival always takes place in Oyo state and has since attracted many tourists, boosting the town’s economy.

The last Festival was celebrated on October 8, 2022, as people from around the world gathered in the historic town of Igbo-Ora to celebrate the anniversary of the Igbo-Ora World Twins Festival. It is always a fantastic time at the Twin Festival, with many intellectual debates, dancing, cultural games, and other festivities.

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